Friday, September 19, 2014

Cascade Locks Marine Park

Marine Park in Cascade Locks is full of history, beauty and fun. Marine Park will entertain the whole family with a great playground, access to the Columbia River, fishing, the Sternwheeler and more. There is so much history to be exposed to at this fun getaway in the Gorge. Read below for some history you can share with the family while driving to Marine Park.
Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery portaged around the rapids of the Cascades in 1805. They wrote in their journal, “this great chute of falls is about 1/2 a mile with the water of this great river compressed within the space of 150 paces…great number of both large and small rocks, water passing with great velocity forming & boiling in a horrible manner, with a fall of about 20 feet” (October 30- November 1, 1805).
Forty years later pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail’s water route were forced to make the same portage around the dangerous rapids. Travelers heading west had to make a crucial decision just upstream of these rapids at The Dalles, Oregon. They had to choose whether they would risk life and limb on Mt. Hood’s steep Barlow Road, and overland toll route, or build a raft and float down the Columbia River, risking their life free of charge.
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

East Wind Drive-In

How long has it been since you've been to a real drive-in? What about your kids or grandchildren? Don't miss out on this classic experience. A beautiful drive along the Columbia River Gorge to Cascade Locks will provide you the ultimate experience at East Wind Drive-In. While the sun is still shinning make your weekend count. Read what others had to say about this drive-in below.
OMG. I never seen an ice cream like the one I had from this place. It looks good and it taste even better! It was a small joint that you just pass by when you're around cascade locks...but once you see it, you know it's a good place because people are willing to stop, stand in a long line and get an ice cream or the burgers they sell.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Locks Waterfront Grill

Locks Waterfront Grill has a beautiful view and a menu full of fresh, local and organic selections. Located in the Visitors' Center in Marine Park of Cascade Locks, this is an ideal place to relax and eat some wonderful food. Read more about Locks Waterfront Grill below.
The Grill operates full time with expanded waterfront seating directly overlooking the Columbia River and plenty of free parking for all. The Visitors Center is packed with information and history about the Cascade Locks, the Columbia Gorge and activities available to you during your visit.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fish Feeding at Bonneville Hatchery

Feeding the fish at Bonneville Hatchery is a fun way to spend the day. There is also picnicking, camping, boating hiking, and more available to do at the Bonneville Reservoir. September is when the adult salmon begin to arrive at the hatchery, you will want to see them before the last week of October. Towards the end of October is when these salmon start spawning and then naturally die, not such a pretty time to visit them. Read more about the Bonneville Hatchery below.
Trout Pond
Caution: Trout can bite! Please do not tease or touch them!
Two ponds have Rainbow Trout in them. We do not raise trout here at Bonneville Fish Hatchery; these Trout are brought here for your enjoyment.
There are machines by the ponds where you can buy fish food for a quarter to feed the trout.
The money from these machines is used to keep the hatchery grounds beautiful for visitors.
Sturgeon Pond
There is one outdoor pond that has young sturgeon in it.
Sturgeon like to eat live things that have died! They eat their food off of the bottom of the pond.
The Sturgeon is a prehistoric fish and is a “cartilaginous” fish. This means they have no bones This is like a shark or an eel.
Sturgeon Viewing Center
Beyond the outdoor sturgeon pond there is a small white building that you can walk into. This is the Sturgeon Viewing Center, which was built in 1998.
Herman the Sturgeon is located in the Sturgeon Viewing Center and is approximately 10’ long, 425 pounds and over 60 years old.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Virtually Hike The Columbia River Gorge

Not everyone is capable of hiking the trails of the Columbia River Gorge. There is an alternative way to experience the amazing sights of these trails with virtually hiking on your computer. If you know someone who is unable to get out and experience these views for their selves, you could be the one to help them get out there virtually. Read details for purchasing this below.

Product Features

Hiking Guide for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Professional Topo-Relief Maps
2900 Digital Photos
Outstanding Wildflower Guide
70 Hikes with over 425 miles of trails

System Requirements

Platform:   Windows
Media: CD-ROM

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Canyoneering in the Columbia River Gorge

Canyoneering is the most often associated with rappelling or the use of rope-work to climb down into canyons. In the Columbia River Gorge there are amazing places to do some exciting canyoneering. Read what this Canyoneer had to say about his experience in the Columbia River Gorge.
Myself and 2 buddies spend a long weekend in the Columbia River Gorge. We love to hike, backpack, and rappel into canyon, rivers, and streams. The Columbia River Gorge proved to be one of the best places on this Earth to do that. We had the time of our lives hiking, swimming, and rappelling the many waterfalls, creeks and streams that we visited. The scenery that we saw was incredibly beautiful! We can't wait to go back
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Autumn Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge

Autumn Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge
Summer is headed out the door with Autumn sure to take over any moment. With Autumn comes beautiful fall colors in the trees and the swelling of waterfalls as the rain returns. This is a beautiful time of year for hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Friends of the Columbia River Gorge has ranked the top five Autumn Hikes, they include: Cape Horn Loop in Washington, Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon, Klickitat Trail in Washington, Latourell Falls Loop in Oregon and Hamilton Mountain in Washington. Read more details on the Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon below.
Eagle Creek Trail or Wahclella Falls, Ore.: These two trails are a single entry because both follow creeks that provide excellent viewing of spawning salmon. From the parking lot you can view this seasonal spectacle The fun continues when hiking the trails. Both are of easy grade, but Wahclella Falls is more family-friendly (be careful of steep cliffs on the Eagle Creek trail). Also, Tanner Creek follows the trail closer on the Wahclella Falls hike.

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