Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

This week is the opening of The Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, from August 1st through August 17th. Screenings will occur in Vancouver WA, Camas WA, and Portland OR. Read more below on why The Columbia Gorge is such an amazing place for this International Film Festival.
“It is such a beautiful environment up here”, says Breven Warren, CGIFF Founder/Executive Director. “We consider the fest an exchange, of sorts. One where fantastic filmmakers can share their work with our audiences, and in return our audiences essentially share the sights and gifts of their gorgeous backyard.”
We LOVE that! Some of the activities are rafting in White Salmon, hiking at Eagle Creek and paddle boarding in Hood River. The activities are open to everyone after advance registration and a donation.
SRC: More more details on The Columbia Gorge International Film Festival visit: komonews.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vipers in The Columbia River Gorge

Viper Club | Alex Mills

If you were on the road last weekend along the Columbia River Gorge you might have seen the local Viper Club driving, most likely, past you. What a beautiful way to view a beautiful gorge. Read what Alex Mills had to say about his drive below.
I went for a drive yesterday with some other cars from the local Viper club. We headed east from Portland out the Columbia River Gorge and then up and over Mount Hood. Around 250 miles in total.
SRC: Read more about the Viper Club and view more photos of them along the Columbia River Gorge at:

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cruise The Gorge

Cruise The Gorge 2014
This year's Cruise The Gorge will occur August 8th - 10th. The "Neon Cruise" will be downtown The Dalles Friday evening after early registration. Cruise the Gorge "Show in the Shade" will be Saturday at Sorosis Park. Read about the "Parade of Champions" below.
Registration at the park occurs from 9 AM until noon. The “Parade of Champions”awards ceremony starts at 3 PM. Goodie bags and dash plaques will be awarded to the first 250 entries.

SRC: Download the Cruise the Gorge 2014 registration form and learn more about this event at:

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Van Gogh Days

This year's Van Gogh Days are August 2nd & 3rd from Noon to 4 pm. Visit Rasmussen Farms in Oregon's Hood River Valley for this special event celebrating 70 kinds of sunflowers. Read more below for additional activities that will be going on at this event.
Live music, free wine tasting from Hood River Vineyards, Food Cart, Quilt Show, vegetable games and treasure hunt.
SRC: For more information on Van Gogh Days at Rasmussen Farms visit: RasmussenFarms

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Cascade Locks Beach & Sail Park

Current projects for the Port of Cascade Locks include improvements to the beach and surrounding area. The improvements would provide the Columbia Gorge Racing Association and the surrounding community better access and viewing accommodations. Read more on the current project for this Beach & Sail Park below.
Another exciting project the Port has in development is improvements to the beach and surrounding areas to better accommodate the community and the Columbia Gorge Racing Association. The Columbia River at Cascade Locks has become one of the most desirable destinations for sailboat competition in North America. The location has the right wind speeds, warm temperatures, fresh water body and scenic beauty superior to other sites. By making some minor developments to the Marine Park, sailboat racing in Cascade Locks will be able to expand the community’s tourism-based economy.
SRC: Find the Sail Park Feasibility Study and other Port of Cascade Locks Projects at:

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cascade Locks History

The beautiful riverside town of Cascade Locks is an amazing place to visit for exploring, hiking, water sports and much more. Learning about this towns fascinating history will bring so much more appreciation to your time spent here. Read about Cascade Locks historic beginnings below.
This hamlet of 1,120 people initially was a Native American fishing village. In 1843, Captain John Freemont named the 2-mile-long rapids, formed from giant boulders of the natural basalt bridge that collapsed eons before, “the Great Cascades.” This spot was the penultimate crux for Oregon Trail travelers who navigated the rapids by lashing wagons to rafts. In 1862, the state’s first steam engine, dubbed the “Oregon Pony,” pulled boats through these rapids. In 1896, with the coming of giant sternwheelers, the Army Corp of Engineers carved a channel 460 feet through the volcanic basalt and installed the locks. When Bonneville Dam fired up in 1938, the channel was flooded and decommissioned, but remnants of the locks and the Oregon Pony remain visible at the Cascade Locks Marine Park.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bicycle Tourism in Cascade Locks

(Photos J. Maus/BikePortland)

Business owners of the Gorge got together at this months Gorge Green Drinks Networking event with the topic of "Bikes Mean Business". With so many cyclists riding through town, water bottle filling and window seats for bike watching are thing business will want to accommodate for their large numbered customers. Read more about this biking trend below.
To further capitalize on the bike boom, Cascade Locks is also actively building out its trail offerings. Not only are they at the (current) end of a newly completed section of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail, they’re also working on a new, 25-mile network of off-road trails that will turn this town into a mountain biking destination and serve as perfect complement to the existing family-friendly easyCLIMB Trail.
SRC: Read more about this Bicycle Tourism in Cascade Locks at:

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