Monday, February 24, 2014

Seasonal Waterfalls

A SEASONAL WATERFALL, above, emerges along Highway 14 in Washington. Skip Tschanz

During this time of year we get the chance to view waterfalls that at other times would not exist. With the late winter rain and snow fall waterfalls present themselves for a short period of time, and if you don't take notice now you won't get the chance again until next year. Read more about the locations of these seasonal waterfalls below.
The Columbia River Gorge is home to 70 year-round waterfalls, but only 9 of them are visible from the highway, to see the rest of them will take some foot power. This week we were able to add 11 seasonal waterfalls to that total. By the way, some of the seasonal waterfalls are spectacular. On the way home I suggest you stop at Starvation Creek Trailhead and walk the short distance to the foot of Starvation Falls. Every time I do I wonder to myself why this parking lot isn’t as full as the one at Wahkeena Falls. Starvation Falls is one of the best kept secrets in the gorge.

SRC: Read full article at The Dalles Chronicle  

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  1. This is the most beautiful water falls. Horsetail Falls are one of these falls who come from the Columbia River Gorge. I visited there before boston to washington tour. Horsetail Falls is also a seasonal falls and you can see the actual beauty of these falls in the month of February. Because in this month these falls look like fire.