Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kayaking down Waterfalls

Kayakers heading up the Salmon River Gorge, but not to ride the river they are going to ride down a waterfall! Salmon River Gorge is similar to Columbia River Gorge except it requires kayaking to see, and it is a class V-VI which means possibility of life-and-death consequences.  Read more below about this extreme sport.
The only way in is by boat. And the only way out is down.
What kind of person would boat down a river so dangerous that it was considered un-runnable as recently as the 1990s? Luke Spencer, for one. He says the excitement and beauty of the place combine to make it, as he puts it, "the Shangri-La of Oregon kayaking." "When I got into it I'm like, 'Sweet, I'm kayaking, it's thrill seeking' ... but there's so much more to it than that."
SRC:  View more photos and read more about this sport at JPR.

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