Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Angels Rest

Angels Rest
Angels Rest is a very popular hike whose trailhead is right off the Historic Columbia River Highway and should be walked to with caution. It is a difficult / strenuous hike, 4.7 miles long and is great all spring, summer and fall. Read some of what 'Happy Hikers Happy Campers' Kayla B. had to say about the trail below.
Angel’s Rest can be made into a “choose your own adventure” kind of hike if you want. If you really want to go for it, you can hike up to Angel’s Rest, then go another 4 or so miles to get to either Wahkeena Falls or Devil’s Rest. We haven’t done that at this point, but it could be a fun backpacking trip if you’re feeling adventurous.
SRC: More fantastic photos and detail on Angels Rest at: Happy Hikers Happy Campers.

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