Monday, May 12, 2014

McNeil Point Hike

The Mt. Hood Wilderness area has many beautiful trails and camping. 'Happy Hikers Happy Campers' Kayla B. provides a great guide through one of those trails, the McNeil Point Hike.This hike is 10.5 miles, skill level difficult, and best in the late spring, summer and early fall. Read below about the different trailheads to get to McNeil Point.
There are multiple trailheads you can start at to get McNeil Point: McGee Creek, Mazama, Pacific Crest, Top Spur, Elk Cove, Vista Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge, and even Ramona Falls. Each trailhead offers its own length and challenges.
David and I went with the Top Spur trailhead this time around. Back in September of 2012, we went along McGee Creek (though we ended up not going all the way to McNeil Point that time), which is about the same length and difficulty.

SRC: View more photos and details of the McNeil Point Hike at: Happy Hikers Happy Campers.

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