Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mike's Ice Cream in Hood River

The time to visit Mike's Ice Cream in Hood River is now, while the sun in still shinning and the kids are still on summer break. This is a local favorite but is only open from April-October so you must enjoy it while Mike's Ice Cream is available. Read about what they have to offer below.
Everything here is for real, no artificial flavors allowed. They have fantastic outdoor seating and a fun play structure for kids. If it’s too crowded, you can simply take your ice cream across the street to the park behind the library, enjoy your cone, shake, or sundae and people watch. Then you can go back for seconds. Seriously. I ate ice cream almost every day the first summer we lived here. It’s amazing. Mike’s Ice Cream is an absolute must! They are open late too. It’s the perfect late evening snack on a hot summer night.
SRC: Learn more about Mike's Ice Cream at: http://www.gorgeinthegorge.com/mikes-ice-cream/

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