Monday, October 27, 2014

Dry Creek Falls

If you want to visit Dry Creek Falls you'll start your hike at the Bridge of the Gods Trailhead located off the Cascade Locks exit from the I-84 going East along the Columbia River Gorge. This hike is easy to do and fun for the entire family. The total distance is 4.4 mile with an elevation gain of 710 feet. No matter the time of year or the severity of the weather it is never dry at Dry Creek Falls. Learn more about the Dry Creek Falls hike below.
This hike starts you at the Bridge of the Gods Trailhead. From the trailhead, cross the road and head up the Pacific Crest Trail parallel to I-84. Watch out for an old safety fence here that encroaches the trail and is now more of a hazard than a help. In about 1/10 of a mile, you'll come to Moody Street as it crosses under the freeway. Walk the road uphill to the right for a bit, under the freeway. When the road angles left, go straight ahead on a gravel road a short distance to twin trailheads. Altogether the road walking here is about 100 yards. The trail to the right is the Gorge Trail headed toward the Ruckel Creek Trail and the Eagle Creek Campground. You'll take the trail to the left, which is the Pacific Crest Trail.
The Crest Trail heads gradually uphill, never too steep, through a pretty, dappled sun kind of forest. In the spring, forest wildflowers including columbines are common here. About 1 mile in, you'll come to a powerline access road. Turn right here and follow the road a short distance under the powerlines to the resumption of the trail. Soon after the powerline road, you'll come to a minor summit and the trail begins a gradual descent to Dry Creek. This section of trail heads gradually downward through an interesting area of large lava boulders and trees for almost another mile.
At Dry Creek, the trail comes to another dirt road. This one seems to be open to normal traffic, at least I saw a small, 2 wheel drive pickup last time I was there. The Crest Trail crosses the road and then crosses Dry Creek on a wooden bridge. To get to Dry Creek Falls, instead of crossing the bridge, turn right here and head up the road about 2/10 of a mile to the falls. At the end of the road, there's a car turnaround and a fire pit. 
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Buck Point Hike

If you like a little more adventure in your hike then the Buck Point Hike may be the ideal trail for you. Buck Point Hike starts at the Eagle Creek Trailhead and requires the finding of the 'real' Buck Point Trailhead. If found this hike is 1.8 miles round trip with 570 feet elevation gain resulting in an overall difficulty level of moderate. This hike is available year round and is family friendly, ending at viewpoints of the Columbia River Gorge. Read details about the Buck Point Hike below.
The hardest part of the Buck Point Hike might be finding your way to the "real" trailhead. Parking isn't available there, so you'll need to park at the Eagle Creek Suspension Bridge. You'll start by heading up the paved campground road for a bit, until you see a sign for Gorge Trail 400. The Gorge Trail climbs to the top of a bluff, then travels next to a protective fence for a ways. At a fork, take the right path signed for Buck Point. The left fork heads down to the Historic Columbia River Highway Trail. After passing a second fence, you'll find yourself at Campsite 11. Walk towards the right on the road and turn left on another road at Campsite 10. Between Campsites 5 and 6, you'll find a large sign reading "Buck Point Trail"
The sign says you have 3/4 of a mile to go, but it's closer to 0.4 miles. Hike up through a series of switchbacks through the forest. Near the top, you'll break out into a power line clearing. Just past an unmarked junction with Ruckel Ridge Trail, you'll arrive at Buck Point. Enjoy the views. 
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Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike

A very popular hike in the Columbia River Gorge is the Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike. These tunnels had been used from 1921 until 1954 in order to get through the high rock point. In 2000 the tunnels were reopen for tourist use after rebuilding and resurfacing the road. Now you can enjoy the Mosier Twin Tunnels with a moderately difficult hike. This hike is 8.5 mile round trip with a 1000 foot elevation gain. Not only is this a great family hike, but it is also a great location for some once in a lifetime photo opportunities. Read details about the Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike below.
From the parking lot, head up the paved track into woods of Douglas-fir and big-leaf maple with some oaks. The road drops and is lined by maples on the river side. Pass a trickling waterfall on a shady face. There’s a picnic table here. The road drops along a walled section that gives views of the river. The road continues to drop and reenters woods with some views. Then the path rises past an prominent outcrop on the left, with a large pond in an old quarry area. A gravel path leads left at the top of the rise. Walk up and get great views looking east across meadows with blooming serviceberry bushes. This area is fenced. From the fence, you can also look out over the pond in the old quarry.
The road drops from this point and then rises again. There’s a viewpoint of Eighteenmile Island, and then there’s a long wooded downhill stretch leading to a view of Eighteenmile Island and Coyote Wall. The road rises to the covered Twin Tunnels Catchment Structure at the west portal to the tunnels and then enters the two tunnels proper. The second tunnel has two windows, known as adits, looking out over the river. There are outside viewpoints now blocked to the public. Past the second window (and MP 72) is a message scratched into the rock by a 1921 hunting party that was snowbound here.
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Punchbowl Falls Hike

Not only does Oregon have the Columbia River Gorge but it also holds little treasures like Punchbowl Falls. To get to this epic waterfall you have to endure a 3.8 mile round trip hike but good news it's difficultly level is easy. This hike is recommended for children ages 10 and up and is available to hike year round. If you start from the Eagle Creek trailhead you get the 3.8 mile experience, start anywhere else and this hike can take as long as 13 miles to get to Punchbowl Falls. Read more about the hike from Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls below.
Before you've gone a half-mile you'll find yourself high above the creek, which has now opened up to a glorious valley. Many months the fog hangs low in the canyon, blocking your view of the snow-encrusted cliff-sides towering around you. In places the trail is narrow and the drop-off is quite steep. Cable lines were built into the walls in sections to provide some stability.
As the trail steadily gains elevation, it begins to divert away from the creek. You'll notice the quiet as you ascend away from the rushing water and deeper into the lush old-growth forests of douglas fir, cedar and hemlock. Dewy ferns, moss-covered rocks, and sometimes poison oak blanket the forest floor. You will be surprised at the beauty and quiet of these sections, which at times are like scenes from a fairy tale.
Along the rest of the hike, you'll cross various side-creeks -- some by rock steps, many by footbridges. Be sure to look upstream as you pass by -- especially in the wetter months -- as you will be treated to waterfalls and more lush greenery.
After you've walked about a mile and a half, watch for an obvious spur trail off to your right. The path drops down to an overlook with a view of the magnificent 100-foot Metlako Falls, which seemingly shoots straight out of a cliffside into a large pool below.
Walk back up the spur trail to the main drag and continue southward, winding high away from the gorge with the creek well out of view. In just over a half-mile you'll be at an obvious, signed junction and resting spot near your destination, Punchbowl Falls.
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Fairy Falls Hike

The Columbia River Gorge has many beautiful waterfalls worth visiting including Fairy Falls. In order to visit Fairy Falls a moderate hike is in order but well worth the effort. It is a 2 mile hike round trip with an elevation gain of 800 feet. Fairy Falls is a great hike for any season and is a good one to take the kids on. Start this hike at the Wakeena Trailhead then follow your way to Fairy Falls, you will be glad you did. Read details about this hike below.
The trail starts with some beautiful stonework and a wooden bridge over Wahkeena Creek. Make sure you're headed right here. The trail to the left leads to Multnomah Falls. The trail climbs in one long switchback to a stone bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls. Expect a bit of spray on the trail here year-round. In winter, things can get really icy. A large log here was cut away to clear the trail after it fell down the falls. After the falls, look across the valley at the trail you just traveled and you'll see old stonework that's slid from the trail. A bench makes a good resting spot, or a turnaround if you're pressed for time.
From here, the trail starts up a pretty steep section, climbing about 600' in about half a mile. I have several guidebooks that reference 10 switchbacks, but I counted 12. There are beautiful rock walls, another bench cemented into a wall and better views the higher you climb. The most alert hikers will find a Lego cemented into one of the walls. At the top of this first climb, you'll crest a ridge. Follow the pavement out to the point, called Lemmon's Viewpoint. A plaque here commemorates a firefighter who gave his life fighting forest fires near here. The views from the point are really good up and down the river.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood Tour

Sea To Summit provides a Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood Tour. Sea To Summit is owned and operated by native Portland, Oregonians who operate custom 4X4 vehicles for touring year round. Their Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge Tours are a full day's adventure starting with the scenic Columbia River Gorge working its way to Mount Hood. Tours are available every day of the week, so no matter what day you have off this opportunity is available to you. Read more details about this Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood Tour from Sea To Summit below.
$125.00 per person Sea to Summit offers Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood Loop Tours All Winter Long!!! Begin the day with visits to Chanticleer Point, Crown Point and the Vista House, all breathtaking viewpoints of the Columbia River Gorge. Travel along the Historic Columbia River Highway constructed in 1912-1914 and explore numerous waterfalls including Latourell Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Horsetail Falls and 620 ft. Multnomah Falls (North Americas second tallest year round waterfall). Continuing on, it is a short trip to the Bonneville Dam salmon ladders and Oregon’s largest fish hatchery. From the Bonneville area we pass the Bridge of the Gods and travel to the town of Hood River, Oregon, the wind surfing capitol of the world. In this area a stop for lunch, by a fresh fruit stand or winery is always a option during the tour. Continuing the journey around the scenic east side of the Mt. Hood to the National Historic Landmark, Timberline Lodge, est 1934. This Magnificent Lodge sits at 6,000 ft on the south south side of Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest volcano. Home to Timberline Ski Area, this historical lodge has been featured in movies such as “The Shinning” and is considered to be “Every ones Playground” Sea to Summit’s Mt Hood & Columbia River Gorge Loop Tour is amazingly scenic and very informative, both historically and geographically. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, light jacket and a camera on this awesome Sea to Summit Tour!
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Columbia River Gorge Tour

Sea To Summit provides a half day tour just for the Columbia River Gorge. Take in the waterfalls, the historic highway, Chanticleer Viewpoint, the Vista House and more. This is a great tour for people who are not from the area, people who rather take photos than drive or for those who want to kick back, relax and just enjoy the scenery. These tours are very informative and have a large range of dates to choose from so you can enjoy it on a day that works best for you. Read Sea To Summit's description of their Columbia River Gorge Tour below.
Sea to Summit’s Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour takes you along the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, built in 1912-1914. Visit scenic Chanticleer viewpoint, Crown Point and the Vista House, all with incredible views of the Columbia River Gorge. Learn the history and unique geographical features that created and surround this designated national Scenic Area. Tour and explore numerous waterfalls, including Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Horsetail Falls and the breathtaking 620ft Multnomah Falls. Sea to Summit’s magnificent Columbia River Gorge Tours are not complete without a visit to the Bonneville Dam, Columbia River Salmon ladders, Oregon’s largest fish hatchery and Sturgeon Research Center.
Our Columbia River Gorge Tours are historically and geographically informative and very scenic! So please make sure to bring a camera on this incredible, short but sweet, 1/2 day Sea to Summit tour!
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The Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition

The Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition was held October 8th and 9th at the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel, in Hood River Oregon. This competition is a one of a kind as the judging is done by the professionals who had also nominated the competitors and conducted the blind evaluations. Wild Goose Vineyards' 2012 God's Mountain Vineyard Riesling won best of show. Read more about this Northwest Invitational Wine Competition winner below.
Best of show: Wild Goose Vineyards 2012 God's Mountain Riesling, Okanagan Valley, $20: The Kruger brothers are second-generation winemakers near the town of Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, where they specialize in such white varieties as Riesling, Gewrztraminer, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. They craft some of the finest wine anywhere, and this further proves it. Created in a Germanic style, the nose is filled with Meyer lemon, ripe pear, minerality and hint of petrol. It's brilliantly dry with quince, Asian pear, lemon juice and lime peel. The mouthwatering finish immediately demands another sip. (12.5 percent alcohol)
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Wedding at Wahkeena Falls

You never know what will be happening when you visit a waterfall. This couple held a spontaneous DIY wedding at Wahkeena Falls, and it was beautiful. Waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge are amazing locations for any wedding. The scenery of waterfalls, trees and all the natural beauty they are great ways to save money on the venue and decorations. Read some details from the bride herself about her arrival to Wahkeena Falls for the first time for her wedding below.
When we got to the parking lot of Wahkeena Falls, that was the first time we had all been there. It was the first time we met our photographer, Carl Zoch. I walked down the aisle of white roses with my dad to the processional song of the acoustic version of Lover’s Carvings by Bibio, which Freddie’s talented musician cousin played with guitar. You could hear the sound of the waterfall. It was magical. All I could feel in that moment was complete calm and happiness. There I was walking down the aisle with my closest family and friends watching (with no seating…they were all such good sports and were all standing since this ceremony was more elopement style. It wasn’t a place we booked, we just went there for the first time and got married there). Our wedding officiant was, Matt. He is a best friend to both of us. Freddie has known him since middle school and I’ve known him since high school. It felt really special to have someone who truly knows us well and our relationship to marry us. Everything he said was personable and funny, exactly what we wanted ☺ We exchanged our own vows that we wrote ourselves along with our Tacori rings. The ceremony was probably no longer than 15 minutes.
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Analemma Wines

The Columbia River Gorge provides a unique combination of climates and soils which results in yielding 30 varieties of premium grapes. These variations of grapes provide diverse, interesting and complex varieties of the finest wines all in one region. Analemma Wines is located in Mosier Oregon, where they use organic farming practices on their vineyards. Analemma Wines is also moving towards organic practices for their orchards more each season. Read more about what Analemma Wines has to offer visitors below.
In the cellar, we work methodically to minimize fingerprints on the wines such as oxygen, heavy oak, and the effects of filtering. Through deliberate handling we strive to capture the essence of each of the vineyards that we farm, creating a window into the site’s soil, microclimate and culture. Each of our wines are produced in small quantities that allow us to keep our philosophy in practice. We believe that each wine’s vitality and vibrant character shines particularly bright because of the personal care taken from pruning to picking and pressing to bottling.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Camping World's ROCKTOBER Deals

Camping World in Wood Village is currently promoting their ROCKTOBER Deals on Top Rated Products. These amazing deals last until November 2nd, so if your looking to get some great gifts for your outdoors man friend or family member here is your shopping opportunity.  Visit your Wood Village Camping World at 24000 NE Sandy Boulevard. Learn about Camping World's new Mobile App below.
Camping World releases the android version of its popular outdoor mobile app. The Camping World mobile app for android provides users with a quick and easy way to shop thousands of RV, camping and outdoor products as well as RVs for sale straight from your phone. Everything you need for life on the road or in the great outdoors at the touch of a button.
  • Find the nearest Camping World SuperCenter. With over 100+ SuperCenters nationwide, we offer directions, hours, services offered and contact information for each store.
  • Browse and shop over 10,000 camping and outdoor related items straight from your phone. See detailed product information, photos and video. Read customer reviews and ratings for each product. Use our simple and user-friendly checkout to quickly purchase a product.
  • View thousands of RV's for sale across the country. Sort by year, make, model and price. See detailed vehicle information with interior and exterior photos. Email, print or share vehicle listings via social media straight from your phone.
  • Flip through our latest sale catalog to make sure you never miss out on great deals online or at a Camping World SuperCenter near you.

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Boneless Thursday's at Buffalo Wild Wings

The City of Wood Village has many delicious dining options. One of these options include Buffalo Wild Wings, located in the Wood Village Town Center. Boneless Wings are on special every Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings. With the game on many large flat screens, beer and chicken wings your sure to have a great time at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wood Village. Read more about Boneless Thursdays below. 
Either the greatest day of the week or the greatest day of all time.
Why should Friday get all the love? Every Thursday our Boneless Wings are specially priced all day. That means you might want to start thinking about day #4 as your favorite day of the week. Sure, you still have to go in to work tomorrow, but being able to order our juicy, delicious all white meat Boneless Wings at a discount does make it feel like the weekend started a day early.
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Wood Village KOHL'S

There are many fantastic shopping opportunities in Oregon's Wood Village. KOHL'S is located in the Wood Village Town Center off of Glisan and 223rd Avenue. With every dollar you spend you will earn a Kohl's point, which earns you $5 for every 100 point in the Yes2You Rewards Program. Sign up for the Yes2You Rewards Program at: Read more about what your Wood Village KOHL'S has to offer below.
Your Wood Village Kohl's, located at 22557 NE Park Ln , is stocked with everything you need for yourself and your home - apparel, shoes & accessories for women, children and men, plus home products like small electrics, bedding, luggage and more. At your Wood Village Kohl's, we not only offer the best merchandise at the best prices, but we're always working to make your shopping experience enjoyable.
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Challenging Situations & Powerful Conversations

The City of Wood Village is partnering with East Metro Mediation to sponsor a Community Based Training Opportunity called “Introduction to Challenging Situations & Powerful Conversations”. This event will be held at Wood Village City Hall on October 27th from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Read details about this free training event below.
Community Based Training Opportunity “Introduction to Challenging Situations & Powerful Conversations” This free 1 ½ hour training will provide an introduction to learn how to effectively intervene in challenging situations. Participants will be actively engaged throughout the training with the help of experts that will provide coaching through hands on practice.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Columbia Gorge Marathon

The Most Scenic Marathon In The Country is the Columbia Gorge Marathon & Half Marathon which is coming to the Columbia River Gorge this October 26th, 2014. If the view and thrill of running a marathon is not enough motivation for you, every single registered runner will recieve a handful of goodies including but not limited to a cool beanie, Chip Timing, Sierra Nevada Beer & Hot Apple Cider, a custom Ceramic Finished metal and more. Read below to learn about the New Race Series the Columbia Gorge Marathon is starting this year.
Brand new for 2014 will be the Breakaway Half Marathon Series. The series will include 3 Half Marathon events in the Gorge that take competitors to new and exciting locations in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. All three will share the same amazing courses and top level support that is delivered at the Columbia Gorge Marathon and Half Marathon. Be sure and follow on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest info.
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Beacon Rock Geology Hike

Friends of the Columbia Gorge is hosting a Beacon Rock Geology Hike this Friday, October 10, 2014. It is a moderate intensity with a 800-foot elevation gain two mile hike. Spots are still available for this hike and it is free to members . Learn more about this Beacon Rock Geology Hike below.
Follow leader Jim Chase up Beacon Rock to an iconic viewpoint high above the river. Jim will kick off the hike with a 20-minute Ice Age Floods presentation describing the epic glacial floods that shaped the Columbia Gorge more than 15,000 years ago. 
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Bridal Veil Full Moon Walk

Friends of the Columbia Gorge is hosting a Full Moon Walk on Wednesday October 8th, 2014. Currently the walk attendee is full but they are taking names for the waiting list. The walk is from 7:15 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. in Bridal Veil, OR. Read more about this easy intensity, low elevation gain Full Moon Walk below.

One of nature's most spectacular events happens daily when day turns into night and the familiar becomes the mysterious. Join Oregon State Park Ranger Dorothy Brown-Kwaiser on a full moon exploration of the senses on this guided night hike. Learn about nocturnal animal adaptations while testing your own.
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Columbia Gorge Running Club

The Columbia Gorge Running Club hosts 10k and 5k Running Marathons in the Columbia River Gorge. Coming up next is the 8th Annual CGRC 5 mile Pumpkin Run on Saturday, October 25, 2014. Get the Course details for this fun costume encouraged Pumpkin Run below.
This loop course five mile run/walk starts at the Strawberry Island Trailhead just west of North Bonneville in Washington’s Skamania County. Only about 25 miles east of Camas, this race is closer that you might think and is only $2 for non-CGRC members; free for members. While costumes are not required, they are encouraged. This is a flat course on mainly paved trails; dog (on leash) friendly and runnable with a jog stroller.
SRC: Learn how to become a CGRC member or learn more details about the Pumpkin Run at:

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King of Roads Historic Columbia River Highway

King of Roads Historic Columbia River Highway Centennial
 is a special dedication video for the restoration of the Historic Columbia River Highway hoping to be completed by 2016 for the 100 year celebration of this Highway. This video takes you on a journey along the Columbia River Highway, along the Columbia River Gorge, displaying it's beauty and significate world wide history. Learn why this Highway is like no other in the world just by watching this short entertaining and informative video. Not able to watch this video now? Read the video description below and be inspired to come back when your available to view the video.
Conceived of by Sam Hill, who hired Sam Lancaster as his chief engineer, the historic Columbia River Highway connects Portland Oregon through the majestic Columbia River Gorge to points east. Dedicated in 2016 it was the first highway in the US constructed primarily for sightseeing. Today the highway is being restored in time for it's centennial in 2016 so that it can be used again for it's original purpose. If you enjoy this video please let us know by subscribing to our channel here and/or by visiting We plan to produce a more comprehensive documentary about the highway and it's effects on the Gorge, past, present and future. We will keep you posted as we continue. Our goal is to complete this project in time for the Highway centennial in 2016. We need your support to reach this goal. Thanks!
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