Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stewardship Work Party at Angel's Rest

Help our earth while having fun with a Stewardship Work Party at Angel's Rest in the Columbia River Gorge. The Angel's Rest Trail is a very popular and heavily used trail, combine that with the wind in the Columbia Gorge and it's easy to imagine how much trash can buildup. Be part of the solution on February 22nd by helping pick up trash on The Angel's Rest Trail near Cascade Locks, Oregon. Learn what supplies are provided and what you need to wear for this Stewardship Work Party at Angel's Rest below.
Oregon State Parks will supply the trash pick-up bags and work gloves. We'll collect trash along the trail and then drop if off at the trailhead - park rangers will dispose of it for us! Come prepared for working in durable work/hike clothes and sturdy boots. 
SRC: Volunteer to help out at this Stewardship Work Party at: gorgefriends.nonprofitsoapbox.com/event-calendar/event/348

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