Monday, March 9, 2015

Top 7 Waterfall Hikes in The Columbia River Gorge

Hiking is great but hiking and finding waterfalls is amazing. The Columbia River Gorge is home to many waterfall hikes. Discover your perfect waterfall hike and then hike it. Read descriptions of the top 5 waterfall hikes in The Columbia River Gorge below.

Wachlella Falls ~ An easy, relaxing hike to one of the prettiest waterfalls in the Gorge.

Eagle Creek ~ A Gorge classic which unfortunately brings large crowds during the summer.  Hike into Eagle Creek Canyon covered in lush green forests to iconic Punchbowl Falls passing Metlako and Lower Punchbowl Falls along the way.

Elowah Falls and Upper McCord Falls ~ A lovely hike to two beautiful, less visited falls

Wahkenna Falls to Fairy Falls ~ The trail climbs to the base of Wahkeena falls, continues up a steep climb to an overlook of the Columbia River Gorge, then up to Fairy Falls. Return the way you came, or follow the path above Fairy Falls to Multnomah Falls.

Dry Creek Falls ~ A beautiful hike along a well-maintained trail.  This hike has great fall color shows.

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