Monday, March 16, 2015

Waterfalls & Hiking in The Columbia River Gorge

Spring is in the air and for many that means planing a hiking trip to your favorite waterfall. Not sure which waterfall hikes are the best for spring? Check out three of the best waterfall hikes in spring below and remember to take a camera.
In the Columbia River Gorge, you’ll find the amazing Latourell Falls just a few hundred feet from the road; once you’re in the parking lot, the viewpoint for the falls is straight ahead of you. If you feel like, take the short trail off to the side — it’s only a few hundred yards long — and walk right up to the small pool at the base of the falls for some amazing photos. Be warned; you will get soaked. Learn more.
Insider Tip: Taking the side trail means you can explore behind the fall.  
This accessible, out-and-back hike will take you a mile in to see Wahclella Falls. There’s a slight elevation gain, but don’t worry — at two miles total, this hike is easy enough that you’ll have plenty of energy to explore more nearby spots afterward. Make sure to bring your camera — you’ll want to take photos of the falls from every angle. Learn more
Insider Tip: Do lots of hiking in the PNW? Pick up a $30 Northwest Pass at REI and you won’t be paying any more entrance or parking fees.
Looking for another gorgeous and easily accessible waterfall to visit in the Columbia River Gorge? You’re in luck; from the parking lot, it’s a short walk to reach Multnomah Falls’ main viewpoint. For a longer hike, take the 2.6-mile round trip hike to the viewpoint at the top of the falls, or the 4.9-mile round trip hike that leads you to see even more of the beautiful falls in the area. Regardless, try to arrive early; this spot can get crowded. Learn more
Insider Tip: The lodge and visitor’s center at the falls has a coffee bar, restaurant, and restrooms.
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