Monday, April 27, 2015

Camping at Oxbow Regional Park

Start planning your Oxbow Camping Trip now, it's going to be epic. When you bring your friends or family to Oxbow Regional Park for camping you get the full out-in-nature experience. Pitching a tent, cooking over a fire pit, playing in the river, hiking and watching the wildlife are to be expected while camping at Oxbow Park. Read more things to see and do while Camping at Oxbow Regional Park below.
See and do
  • See the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Sandy River. This undammed river carves cliffs and creates beaches in the park as it carries snowmelt and glacial till from its source on Mount Hood.
  • Hike 12 miles of trails: gentle grades along the river's terraces or steeper trails up a ridge between the river's bends.
  • Explore one of the closest old-growth forests to Portland.
  • Float the river in a tube, boat or kayak.
  • Watch salmon spawn.
  • Track animals on the river's sandy beaches, where mink, beavers, black bears and other wildlife come to drink.
  • Learn in an outdoor classroom about tracking, mushrooms and other topics.
  • Bring environmental education to life on a field trip led by a Metro naturalist.
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