Thursday, April 30, 2015

Salish Ponds Wetland Park

Salish Ponds Wetland Park is the hidden gem in Fairview, Oregon. You can drive on all sides of the Salish Ponds and not even realize it. Unless you've lived or have visited The Lodges at Lake Salish you may not have known the lake was there. Salish Ponds Wetland Park is the perfect escape without having to leave the city of Fairview. Learn more about Salish Ponds Wetland Park below.
This city park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities: Fish around the west pond, walk along the nature trail that winds through the park and along the ponds, and view diverse habitats of wildlife and vegetation. There is easy access to the trails from the Reynolds School property, Community Park, or the Target parking lot. 

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  1. Careful, parts of the pond are private property with no public access. They will tow your car if you park by the cottages on the west pond. Also if you park on glisan they do ticket.