Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Columbia River Highway Collaborative

Rep. Mark Johnson (R-Hood River) has been selected by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to co-lead a new program, the Columbia River Highway Collaborative.  The Collaborative will work to reduce congestion issues in the Gorge, specifically on I-84. An Oregon Solutions project, the Collaborative does not presently have proposed policy drafted, but the hope is that next there will be something on the table by next summer.
“I’m honored to be selected by Gov. Brown to help lead this important initiative,” Johnson said. “I look forward to working with all stakeholders to learn what can be done to manage the increasing demands for use while also looking out for the best interests of local residents.” 
Stakeholders include the Gorge Commission, Oregon State Parks, Travel Oregon and Oregon Department of Transportation, Johnson said. The team will focus largely on managing the impact of tourists who flow through the scenic area. 
"The historic scenic highway provides access to the wonders of the Columbia Gorge including its amazing waterfalls and spectacular hiking trails,” [Gov. Kate] Brown said in a statement. “With its success as a premier tourist attraction comes the obligation to manage the related congestion resulting from the large number of visitors in a way that preserves the integrity and values of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area.”

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