Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Visitors Flock to Gorge in Holiday Season

Rainy days with colder temperatures are no deterrent for folks from out of town to visit the Columbia Gorge. In the days between Christmas and New Years, many people from near and afar have been heading out to the Gorge to enjoy time outside in such a uniquely beautiful place. 
A wet, rainy day with mist-clouded skies was no deterrent for visitors to Oregon's ever-popular Columbia Gorge on Monday, Dec. 28, 2015.

Parking lots at attractions along the scenic Columbia River Highway were packed with cars as many took advantage of the days between Christmas and New Years to get outdoors for a hike, even if only a short one.

Multnomah Falls had a steady stream of walkers on the pathway up and down from the picturesque bridge, visible from the bottom viewing area.

Up at the Vista House at Crown Point, there was still slushy evidence of recent snow but both Highway 30 and Interstate 84 had no issues, at least to Multnomah Falls from Portland.

The forecast going forward is for cloudy skies Tuesday with likely rain and snow. Then the chance of rain tapers off with partly cloudy skies predicted through the holiday.

--Randy L. Rasmussen
SRC: Find the complete article here: www.oregonlive.com/multimedia/index.ssf/2015/12/week_between_holidays_brings_m.html

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