Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Taekwondo in Troutdale

Looking for an extracurricular activity for your kids? Maybe for yourself, or the whole family? If you live in or near Troutdale, OR consider signing up for the 8-week Taekwondo course being offered at the City Conference building. The course is for ages 6 and up, and all skill levels are welcome! Sign up today!
Youn Wha Ryu Taekwondo is an ancient and complex self-defense system that goes beyond kicking and punching. Students learn practical self-defense concepts that focus on increasing reaction, timing, speed and full body power. These dynamic classes combine both aerobic and anaerobic training and encourage the development of self-discipline, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and overall total body strength. Children and adults can train together for great family fun and fitness. Beginners are always welcome!  
COST: R $56/NR $68 for 8 weeks
Min. 5 ~ Max. 25
Fridays 6:30pm ~ 7:30pm 
2/12 ~ 4/8 (No class 3/25) 
Register by 2/9
LOCATION: City Conference Building
INSTRUCTOR: Ronna Rothenberger

SRC: See more Troutdale, OR activities here: www.ci.troutdale.or.us//recreation/documents/winter.pdf

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