Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thousand Acres Dog Park: Sandy River Delta

Portland, OR and the surrounding cities are certainly full of dog loving folks. Since many of us don't have property for our dogs to roam, we take or dogs to local city parks or on walks down the sidewalk. However, a dog paradise sits just a few minutes from Historic Downtown Troutdale, OR. The Thousand Acres Dog Park in the Sandy River Delta is an off leash dog park where are dogs can run free over many acres of dog-friendly terrain: 
Sometimes playing chuck-it in the neighborhood park isn't enough. That's why I was recently motivated to explore new off-leash turf, and how I discovered 1000 Acres. This canine playground is located at the Sandy River Delta in Troutdale, and although the name sounds like a place where one might go to recover from a nervous breakdown, it’s actually an expansive dog park that’s the equivalent of Doggie Nirvana. (Others refer to it as Doggie Disneyland). Name aside, it will provide a peak experience for your dog. Pooches can run free in designated areas, and there is also a swimming hole.
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