Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wahkeena Springs Hike

If you've never visited Wahkeena Falls, it is worth the stop on your next trip out to the Gorge. While you at the falls, and if you are looking for a hike, consider hiking above the falls to Wahkeena Springs. The trail gains 1,500 feet, in a 3-mile out-and-back hike. Walk through lush foliage and past Fairy Falls on your way to the impressive springs: 
This ain't your typical spring. 
Usually when we talk of a spring, we're talking about a little gurgle of water bubbling out of the ground in the dirt. If there's a bit of slope, we can put a cup underneath the trickle and listen to the rising tone as our cups fills. Wahkeena Spring is on a little different scale. Wahkeena Creek gushes intact from the ground all in one place. Five yards uphill, there's no stream at all; five yards down, you can see almost the entire flow of Wahkeena Falls, a mile downstream. It's worth a look-see.
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