Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bell Creek Loop Hike

Are you looking for a challenge this summer? Have a fitness goal you are looking to break? Bell Creek Loop Hike is perfect for that! This expert level hike is 14.5 miles long with an elevation gain of 3330 ft! Be surrounded by beautiful forest scenery and view waterfalls the Columbia River Gorge is known for, all while setting a fitness goal!
Begin at on the Oneonta Trail #424 and climb to the junction with Gorge Trail #400. The trail reaches a shelf above the Columbia River where viewpoints are accessible on a side-trail. Pass a junction to the Horsetail Falls Trail (#438), then continue on to Triple Falls, followed by the bridge over Oneonta Creek. 
The trail continues alongside the creek past another bridge. Turn left on Horsetail Creek Trail (#425) and come to the Oneonta Creek ford. After crossing the creek, switchback up about 20 times in 2.3 miles, and turn right on Bell Creek Trail (#459). Pass through three miles of forest and wetlands until you reach the junction with Oneonta Trail (#424). Turn right and keep to trail #424, bypassing a few other junctions, and pass Oneonta Canyon to complete the loop. 
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